| Kerrie’s Story |

“I needed more than being a mum.”

Today we’d like to share with you Kerrie’s personal fitness story with you all. As of right now, this story was first posted two years ago, and so many great things have happened since then. Enjoy!

[First posted June 27, 2014]

I thought it would a nice idea to share my story of where I began my fitness path with all of you who like my page.

I went to high school in the Campbelltown area and I always had a love for tennis. I played in Adelaide and continued for a short period in Sydney. The more I got involved with school work and friends, the more I let tennis go by the wayside.

I started my career as an administrative assistant at a law firm in the city. After 9 years it was time for Trevor and I to start our family.

I was lucky enough to be a stay at home Mum. I had always loved babies, it was my dream come true. I couldn’t have been more excited that my time had arrived. I could give up work and do what I had always wanted; take care of my little family. I was only young, 24, so parenthood was a humongous shock to my system. I wasn’t coping with the sleepless nights, dealing with mastitis from breast feeding, the endless crying (both myself and bubs!) and being responsible for this little being. Work, I thought I had given up, yet this was more work that I could have ever imagined!

I took myself off to the gym and started exercising, using the treadmills and other equipment in front of the mass of televisions. One hour and I was done, feeling happier than when I entered.

It didn’t take long for me to become completely and utterly bored with the hamster wheel equipment! I would always peek in the group fitness studio doors and think, Gee they look like they’re having so much fun. I was so shy. If anyone would speak to me I would go bright red in the face!

One day I thought, enough is enough, and I went in for a BodyStep class. Well I tell you, I never looked back. Group fitness was the bomb. Music pumping, everyone having fun together. It was just what I needed.

It wasn’t long and I was pregnant again. Our 5 year plan wait for our second was not going to be the case. It was already written in the stars. Our two gorgeous babies were going to be close in age! (I wouldn’t have it any other way now. It was meant to be!)

I was very blessed with another wonderful pregnancy and continued group fitness right up until the week I gave birth! My obstetrician was always up to speed on where I was at, and I never pushed myself to the extreme (like I do on a daily basis today!!).

It didn’t take long after being at home with two children under two to find myself back in a fog, a haze, feelings I couldn’t explain. I mean, this was what I always wanted. Why was I feeling like this? It was hard trying to appreciate my gorgeous family when I was in a constant state of sadness.

I would get up, do what I had to do, but go back to bed in the middle of the day. Trying to hide from the world. Through family support and recommendation from my doctor, I started medication for depression. I could now finally see clearly. Appreciate everything and everyone around me. The haze lifted. If only I’d sought help earlier instead of suffering.

It was apparent I needed more than being a mum. I needed to get out in the world and make people feel good about themselves. Give them purpose to get out of bed in the morning. Take their health and fitness on like a job. You get up, you do it, and you can have fun all at the same time.

My constant talk at the dinner table to Trevor, then at family gatherings to my Mum, Dad and sisters about group fitness, music and new exercises I had learnt lead to my family banding together for me to go and get myself trained.

I’d found my calling! With my youngest only 9 months old, I took my passion for group fitness and became an instructor! Thanks to my family I was able to go and complete my Certificate 3 in Group Fitness, followed by training in my Les Mills programs.

I was hired at the gym I trained at, Fitness First Campbelltown, and couldn’t have been more thrilled! It wasn’t much longer and I was also teaching at Fitness First Bankstown and Wollongong.

I was living the life. Loving everything Les Mills. Loving the joy I brought to those who attended my classes.

For ten years I taught non stop, except for Christmas holidays, never missing a class. I was recognised by Les Mills and awarded Australia Asia Pacific Instructor of the year in 2008.

I was loving it.

Then the news came that Fitness First was selling numerous clubs. I was devastated Campbelltown was on the list.

As the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. Nothing ever stays the same forever.

Christmas 2012 were my last classes with Fitness First Campbelltown. I continue to work with Fitness First Bankstown and love every moment.

Trevor’s words, “I should open you your own studio,” came back to bite him! We spent December 2012 to July 2013 trying to find the perfect place to open our own studio for my loyal and faithful members from Campbelltown. It was no easy task. There was blood, sweat and tears put into building our dream studio!

Every waking moment when I’m not learning Les Mills and Zumba choreography, I’m trying to come up with new ways to torture- oops, I mean train, my wonderful members with KERRIE CORE and KHIIT!! Motivating you through Facebook is a daily occurrence to keep you all coming. As you will be well aware, fitness isn’t a quick fix. Once you achieve what you set out to achieve, you need to maintain it!

I couldn’t be more proud to have my gorgeous little fam all involved. Trevor is now an instructor. Not to mention builder, handyman, cleaner, supporter for all I do and sounding board before it hits you guys! Our beautiful kids, Keely and Tyler, help out in Junior Care.

Life is sweet.

In just one week KERRIE FITNESS will have been open for 1 whole year. O.M.G. Time flies. I have met the most beautiful people who have become not just members, but friends. There are genuine connections. I feel a part of their lives and couldn’t be happier. Each class is like hosting a party and the excitement comes with seeing who shows up to join in on the fun!

It’s been a big first year. I was privileged to again be awarded Les Mills Australia Asia Pacific Instructor of the year 2014. We were also awarded a finalist in the Campbelltown Local Business awards. What an achievement!

Everyone has their own struggles in life. Whether it’s with weight issues, family issues, mental issues. What ever it may be. The best thing about group fitness; it’s your escape. You take yourself away from your worries, you de-stress at the same time as having fun, you make new friends. The bonus: You become fit, strong and lean machines in the process!

The most exciting thing about my whole story, which I would never have thought would have been possible, is I haven’t been on anti-depressants for 9 years now. I’m pretty sure it’s been that long since I’ve seen a doctor too!

Exercising releases happy endorphins. There is so much more to exercise than just the way you look. It’s the way it makes you feel too. I’ve found my calling and I just hope others get to experience this high I have to offer at KERRIE FITNESS 🙂

By the way, I no longer go red in the face when someone talks to me!!!!

You may be reading wondering why I’ve decided to get so personal. I asked my members this week if they would like to share their fitness stories so I can post them on my page on a weekly basis. I believe in leading by example. If I’m going to tell my story, it needs to be my whole story, the truth.

Even if there is only one person reading this now thinking there is no hope out there for them, I tell you THERE IS; turn to exercise. It will be your saviour. One day at a time. The fog will lift. Lean on those around you. We’re all on this earth together. Kindness is in everyone. Once you show you’re vulnerable side, you will see it 🙂

Thank you for reading about “ME”. I couldn’t finish without a WHOOP WHOOP!!

Side note: After asking Keely (13) and Tyler (11) to read my story before I post and ask me any questions afterwards, here were their responses:

Keely: “Awesome!”

Tyler: “Good girl Mummy. You spelt every word right!!!”

Awww melt my heart, too sweet  🙂

‘Till next time, Kerrie <3

| Trey’s Story |

“I was so paranoid this time because to go into a gym again after so many years and have so many people see me at my heaviest again, was quite overwhelming… It’s all about competing with yourself.”

Trey – My Kerrie Fitness story
“My struggles with weight started after I had my first born. I was always having food pushed at me to eat, especially because I was breastfeeding. The family around us always said it’s good to eat up so that the child will have enough food. So I would eat practically everything that my husband would eat and what the families would have. Even if I wasn’t hungry, I would force myself to eat it, then end up feeling sick. This is the dangers of being Pacific Islander. Food plays a massive role in who we are as people and as a family. Everything we do is always surrounded by food.

If only I knew then what I know now, it probably would have saved me a lot of excessive weight I managed to pile on over the years. Unfortunately a few years after I had my daughter and she was off to primary school, my eating habbits didn’t slow down at all. After a few years from when I got married I had managed to pack on 50kgs. That’s the weight of a whole person! It wasn’t until I started getting chest pains and had to go get checked up that I realised my weight gain was causing me severe chest pains. If I didn’t sort something out I could have fallen into serious health issues, as heart problems run pretty strong in the family. This terrified me terribly and so began the battle of constant yoyo weight gain and loss. I would get to a point where I would lose 40kgs then after a few years it would have found me again. Then I would start the weight loss battle all over again.

This is until I was told by my sister in law who was going to Fitness First in Bankstown that the instructor there is fantastic and a freak. She would always talk to me about Kerrie Mewett-Fitness because my family had just moved back to Sydney from remote South Australia. Where there was no gym and a lot of dust. My form of exercising was walking the dusty roads and hoping not to see a snake (that’s how remote we were!) So when we moved back to Sydney I got back on to my 500th attempt of exercising and losing weight mission.

I was so paranoid this time because to go into a gym again after so many years and have so many people see me at my heaviest again, was quite overwhelming. Then my sister in law one day said ‘Hey the instructor at my gym has a gym at Campbelltown. You really should check her out because she is just so good’. Then driving home one afternoon on Badgally Road. I saw the Kerrie Fitness sign. I was so excited. This was it. This is the gym my sister was talking about. In my head I thought it’s a sign. Just do it.

So in November 2014 I rocked up to Kerrie Fitness alone and was so nervous and scared. I didn’t want to be judged and looked at by all these fit people. I walked in and was approached by a terminator version of Barbie. All I kept thinking was OMG. This woman is ripped. I can’t even stay here. This is absolutely ridiculous to think I could join this machine’s gym but to my surprise she was so welcoming and down to earth. I couldn’t believe how at ease Kerrie made me feel. Considering I was feeling so frumpy and she was so fit. It somehow left my mind instantly that I continued going alone and felt confident to work on being a better me.

I haven’t looked back and although I always still have my moments of eating more than I should or skipping classes when I shouldn’t. I have never ever thought to just give up and not bother. Which has always been my usual behaviour with previous gyms I’ve been to. Kerrie makes you feel part of her KF family and like most families, you’re in each other’s lives forever. I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am for the lifestyle changes Kerrie has helped me achieve and want to maintain.

This is definately the place to be if you want results and that extra push. It’s not about the person next to you. It’s about competing with youself and Kerrie always ensures that everyone has that group energy where there is no competition or cliquey feeling going on. Since joining Kerrie Fitness I started at 117.8kgs and I’ve managed to shred down to 84kgs. Right now I tend to fluctuate up and down an extra 5kgs but when I know I need to get it together I manage to work it back off the correct way. I now don’t wait till I’ve packed on 40kgs and then try again years later.

Since joining Kerrie Fitness I instantly have the urge to get it together when I’ve had too much fun with all the wrong foods or just binging and being unhealthy. Now I’ve managed to have a few family members join as well as my eldest daughter, and it’s the best thing ever to see us all interact and bond over being healthy other than being unhealthy.

Here’s to the next forever with Kerrie Fitness and continuing the journey of me being the better me.”

Omgg Trey, you story made me smile, made me relate, made me well up with tears and made me burst out laughing ‘approached by a terminator version of Barbie’ 😂😍 Your story is so real and will be felt by so many others. Food truly is how a lot of families share their time together. How awesome that now fitness is your families joy together. Thank you for being brave and sharing your story with us all. You are a true inspiration to your own family as well as others. Watching you go flat out in class makes me so happy and super proud of you. Your fitness and strength is just amazing. I will be forever grateful to Blags for sending you my way. Mwah 😘 love you and your fam. Kerrie 💗💚💗💚

| Bianca’s Story |

“When you think you’re at your maximum limit and about to pass out, Kerrie and Trevor push you to a strength you never knew you had.”

Bianca – My Kerrie Fitness story
“I began my journey with Kerrie Fitness in February 2015. Growing up, I have never been an athletic person, however I did attended gyms which consisted of the treadmill and light weights (making up my own regime).

After I had my 3rd child I was at my heaviest, being 64 kilo’s. So, once again went back to my gym and ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes, thinking this is what I needed to do to drop the kilo’s fast. I was so desperate to lose the baby weight that I drank meal replacement shakes daily and very little for dinner. Although I did lose weight, my family would casually mention the rapid weight loss made me look ill and not the healthy fit person i was trying to achieve. My husband kept badgering me to try a group fitness class as it would give me the push I needed, but of course I thought I was smarter than him and ignored all the advice he gave (as you do, hahaha).

A few months later my friend told me about Kerrie Fitness and how great the classes were. That she pushes you to your maximum limit and you leave each and every class completely satisfied. Not to mention Kerrie’s gorgeous body was to die for and an inspiration to all 😉.

So I googled Kerrie Fitness, made a call and she was the most helpful and friendly person over the phone. Best part which won me over was the child care facility. Most gyms I was a member of have a limit of how many hours you can bring your children per day, as well as an age limit, which completely put me off. So I decided to give Kerrie a go, and brought my children with me.

My first class was BodyCombat. I couldn’t believe how all the members were motivated and it looked like everyone had so much energy. When you think you’re at your maximum limit and about to pass out, Kerrie and Trevor push you to a strength you never knew you had. From then on I was hooked! I can pretty much say “You are now my second home “. Thanks to Kerrie’s food inspirations I eat a balanced diet and no more meal replacements. But of course I still loovvveè my weekends of indulging too 😉 (It’s all about a balanced lifestyle I guess).

I attend as many classes as I can, the kids love it, meeting and playing with their new friends, it’s local and I walk out of the gym feeling pumped, satisfied and even better. It is such a great atmosphere to be around. I’ve now dropped to pre baby weight, and can now squat and lift more weight than ever before.

Without Kerrie and Trevor there is no way I could have reached where I am today. So thank you for all the hard work, the push you give us, not to mention learning all the new releases within 24 hours of it being released, just so all the members can be the first to experience it.”

Mwah 😘 that is gorgeous Bianca, thank you so much for sharing your story with us all. I have absolutely adored watching you grow stronger and fitter week by week. You inspire others. Your bubbly and positive personality makes you a treasure to be around. Love having you and your gorgeous family a part of our fit fam. Kerrie 💗💚💗💚

| Renae’s Story |

“My brain doesn’t produce a neurotransmitter that is essential for normal movement.”

Today we’d like to share with you Renae’s, one of our members, personal fitness story with you all. As of right now, this story was first posted two years ago. Enjoy!

[First posted August 1, 2014]

For me fitness isn’t just about toning up and losing weight; it’s also how I manage a neurological disorder I was born with. It’s called Dopamine Responsive Dystonia. My brain doesn’t produce a neurotransmitter that is essential for normal movement.

This is something I keep close to my chest because I don’t want people to think of me as anything other than ‘normal’.

When I was growing up, I used to suffer from severe and continuous muscle spasms in my feet and calves, leg cramps, and I walked with my feet turned out. By the end of the day, just walking was extremely painful.

I used to sit and watch my classmates run around and play sport at school and think, I wish I could do that. The fact was that I struggled to even walk, and all of my dreams seemed to be slipping through my fingers. I was looking at a life stuck in a wheelchair, and this future seemed more likely when my body began to twist up at the age of 14.

Doctors didn’t know what the problem was; they thought it was all in my head. The physiotherapist tried running elastic bands from my feet to my hip to try to turn my legs in. Nothing helped. As I got older the symptoms only worsened until one day my mum decided enough was enough, and we went to Westmead Children’s Hospital to get an answer.

After numerous tests they found the cause and my miracle cure was as simple as taking a quarter of a tablet three times a day! Of course, I’ve had to increase this over time, but I have to say that I am truly blessed to have been given a second chance at life with something so simple!

So began my weight loss. After years of turning to food for comfort I began exercise, what an amazing thing! I played netball and cycled after school. As the HSC approached I again turned to chocolate to help with stress relief and started putting on the kilos again.

I got into University and the second year there I joined the Uni gym. I lost heaps of weight, and for once in my life I began to feel happier with my body. That’s when I met Aaron.

After uni I moved in with Aaron’s family and started work. I stopped working out, and, enjoying proper meals that were twice the size of what I should be eating, I piled on the weight again. I hated the way I looked so decided to start running. I was so proud of myself doing something I never dreamed I’d be able to do, and got to the stage where I could run 5km without stopping once. But when I had to stay back at work every day for a couple of weeks and went running again I felt like I had lost so much of the fitness I had worked so hard for, and so discouraged, I gave it up.

Again the weight crept on! I didn’t like Aaron seeing me like that so I tried to shut him off. I felt horrible! A gym had opened up at work so I decided to give that a go and that made such a difference. I loved it, and even more so when they started doing bootcamp classes. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep the afternoon class going because of lack of interest, and I was getting bored of the cardio and weights so I decided to look for something where I had someone to push me. That’s where Kerrie Fitness comes in. It’s definitely the answer I was looking for!

Now as long as I take my medication I am completely ‘cured’. Aaron also noticed that when I stopped exercising I started complaining about leg pain, and so that’s why I try to keep exercise a regular thing. I believe it makes the medication more effective. I’m hoping to lose more weight, and I’m sure that I’ll get there with Kerrie, Trevor and the rest of the gang leading the way!

‘Till next time, Renae <3

A note from Kerrie: Thank you for being so courageous and sharing Renae xx

| Ben’s Story |

“My diet was atrocious and consisted of plenty of fatty fast food, snacks, and soft drinks.”

Today we’d like to share with you Ben’s, one of our members, personal fitness story with you all. As of right now, this story was first posted one year ago. Enjoy!

[First posted June 5, 2015]

I was never a very active person. Through high school I was more likely to be found in the library than on the sporting field, although I did play and enjoy tennis and indoor cricket through those years. I had a pretty straightforward upbringing with no real life-changing events until I was 19 when I met Brodie.

Within 15 months of meeting we had moved in together, married and had our son. Slowly but surely I grew too comfortable with life and the 9-5 grind. The weight started to creep on.

Fast forward to March 2014 with our son being 7 and our daughter 4 and I hit my heaviest, coming in at just over 90kg. My diet was atrocious and consisted of plenty of fatty fast food, snacks (I could easily eat a whole large bag of potato chips in one sitting) and soft drinks, not to mention a fair amount of alcohol.

Then in August 2014 I started seeing a change in Brodie who had been going to KERRIE FITNESS for a couple of weeks. She was more energetic, she was full life and started to look better than ever (a big call I know). She asked me for weeks to come along and join her and I kept putting it off, then I finally bit the bullet and did a Saturday morning BODYCOMBAT™ class in September. My first real exercise session in over ten years.

I remember with great clarity that half way through BODYCOMBAT™ I had to walk out and sit in the dirt behind the studio, trying to decide if it was easier to throw up or pass out. Thankfully I did neither and instead went back in to finish the class which was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The following Thursday was my first BODYPUMP™ class (which I also remember vividly as the next day was the October long weekend that we spent hiking through Wombeyan Caves… quad overload!!) and from there I became hooked.

In the 7 months that I’ve been at KERRIE FITNESS, I have lost close to 13kg and have noticed a definite change in my body shape (I have biceps now, woo hoo!!). On top of the exercise my diet has also improved (not only smaller portions but the right kinds of foods). I have made plenty of good friends through the studio and without the positive atmosphere I would not have achieved the results I have, thank you to everyone.

‘Till next time, Ben 🙂

A note from Kerrie: Ben, what an awesome read. Thank you for sharing with us all. A healthy life change keeping you younger and fitter than before. Congrats on your weight loss and finding your biceps, love it!! Keep up the great work. Kerrie 🙂

| David’s Story |

“My healthy ways went out the window from then.”

Today we’d like to share with you David’s, one of our members, personal fitness story with you all. As of right now, this story was first posted one year ago. Enjoy!

[First posted April 23, 2015]

My whole life I was always destined to follow my fathers footsteps from rugby league to top grade cricket, it had to be something to do with sport.

Right up until the age of 20 I had never been a “normal kid”. I was pushed by my coach, my best friend, my mentor, my rock, my dad. The mental strength from training early hours of the morning to school during the day and back to training in the afternoons. It was either league or cricket. The only rest and breaks I had were from injuries. It had been draining and took its toll.

There were huge plans in taking my sport into a profession, but one morning I decided to put it all aside, to grow up and go to work. I know I had disappointed a lot of people, but I just wanted to be on my own path. I took to the work force to be close to my 3 brothers who have always been in support of my choices and there with me my whole life.

Things were steady right up until I was 24. I received a call from my mother in relation to my fathers health and not long after he passed. At the same time I split with my fiancé.

My healthy ways went out the window from then, with drinking, smoking and partying, to just being reckless. It wasn’t until I was charged for drink driving that I realised I really needed to wake up. It was at this time I met the love of my life buying a suit for my court case of mid range DUI.

From the age of 25 it all went so quickly. From purchasing a house, to two beautiful kids and a loving partner that kept me in line. There was no real time to keep fit and my weight escalated to 90kg. During this time my current fiancé, Jersay, as everyone refers to her, was on her fitness journey with KERRIE FITNESS and I was the afternoon baby sitter. Jacq trained in the studio with Trev and Kerrie. I would continuously watch her walk through the front door of our house happy and relieved.

For many months Jacq would ask me to try it out and join “GROUP FITNESS”. I tried and couldn’t get as into it as she was, so I then tried creating my own gym. When I had time I would attempt to regain my health on my terms. Jacqui was so persistent on training with me. With her huge results from 100kg to 65kg in a matter of a year, I was so proud but at the same time jealous, so I snapped and decided to give this KERRIE FITNESS a year to get me fit for my family.

I signed in October 2015 weighing in at 89.5kg. I was unfocused and what I deemed out of touch, from a bad diet to even living an unhealthy lifestyle. From that day in October I was to quit smoking, drinking and live healthy. Seven months on, with a four week break and I feel the results I have achieved. Not only by now being 80kg, but also being faster, stronger, and generally feeling good about myself. I have found my Zen with KERRIE FITNESS and have to thank my beautiful partner in crime Jersay in getting me in there!

KERRIE FITNESS is my escape from all the modern day stresses and is a vital key to my success in general living. It is an awesome place to work out and just have fun with LES MILLS™ fitness training. From super friendly members and unbelievable energy, the programs and music have so much to offer with this style of training. I highly recommend for anyone for any reason.

Every single class I walk out relieved and driven for more. Thank you Kerrie and also a very special thank you to Trev for providing me a place to achieve my health and fitness goals. You have also given me understanding of the importance of being a good person with your kindness and motivation I am proud to be a member of KERRIE FITNESS. Whoop whoop!!

‘Till next time, David 🙂

A note from Kerrie: Thanks for sharing David, being so open and honest. Fantastic results you’ve received with your dedication and consistency 🙂

| Jaqui’s Story |

“I know what it’s like to be unhappy and lost.”

Today we’d like to share with you Jaqui’s, one of our members, personal fitness story with you all. As of right now, this story was first posted two years ago. Enjoy!

[First posted September 19, 2014]

Growing up, I was brought up to work hard, and train even harder. As a result, by the time I finished high school, I was a 2nd Dan black belt in Sikaran Arnis (a martial arts discipline from the Philippines), a swimming champion, and champion sports woman in high school. I also participated in Athletics, Netball and Gymnastics.

Besides being involved in sports, I’ve been singing since I was 5 years old. I did dancing, modelling, and professional singing. I’ve had the privilege of singing with Human Nature and won Miss Philippines-Australia Charity Queen in 2001.

I was working on my first single when I fell pregnant and in 2012 gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Then the year after, I fell pregnant again and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Prior to having children, I had to have an operation which potentially reduced my chances of falling pregnant to 40%. So to have two wonderful children so close to each other in age was truly a blessing.

Unfortunately, I had put on so much weight in the process! By the time my son was born, I weighed 107kg. It’s a sad fact of life that the Entertainment Industry places a lot of emphasis on body image, and so negative thoughts and feelings grew within me. I stopped performing publicly and started suffering from severe depression. I hated myself for putting on so much weight and didn’t want friends or to socialise with anyone or go anywhere.

Then, Melissa Asenjo (another KERRIE FITNESS member) told me about KERRIE FITNESS and encouraged me to try a class. At first, I kept putting it off as I didn’t like gyms. I always felt there was too much competition between members and I had no motivation to join in. But she insisted that KERRIE FITNESS was no ordinary gym so in October 2013, I decided to finally give it a try.

My first class was KERRIE CORE and BODYATTACK™ double class. I thought to myself: What the hell did I get myself into?! It was so intense I had to stop all the time during the class. Afterwards, I felt so dead that I couldn’t move the next day. I stood at the back of the room so I didn’t have to see myself in the mirrors. When the going got tough, I’d often collapse in a fit of giggles or pretend to take a very short nap on the mat to recover.

I began with attending evening classes two days a week. Eventually, two days of evening classes turned into three days of evening classes a week. Then I thought to myself, I might as well do four days a week.

After six months, I finally decided I should get to know “everyone”. So I started adding other KERRIE FITNESS members as friends on Facebook. The other members seemed so nice and supportive. As I got to know the other members more, I felt comfortable standing next to them in class, which meant standing closer towards the front. By doing that, I made friends with all the front rowers. I was happy because they were all so supportive and so motivating. One front rower in particular caught my attention because she had so much enthusiasm for every class (especially BODYCOMBAT™). We’d eventually come to be the best of friends and my biggest supporter. Happy coincidence – it turned out that she was from the Philippines too.

They were the people who I looked up to and I thought, That’s how fit and strong I want to be one day.

The weeks flew by and with lots of encouragement from Kerrie and Trevor and a number of other KF regulars, I finally decided to go up in my weights in BODYPUMP™ class. The thing is, I can’t say “no” to these amazing people that I admire so much. With their help, I managed to work my way towards a regular squat weight of 20kg.

I have so much respect for Kerrie and Trevor because as a performer, I know how much time and effort they have to put into constantly learning choreography for new launches and mixes – whether it’s to make us feel stronger and fitter, or to lose weight or to help us feel better about ourselves. I am so proud to be part of the KERRIE FITNESS crew, and will never look back. I can’t thank you both enough for all the support, motivation, advice and happiness the two of you have brought back into my life.

Today, with the help of my very supportive partner and family, I attend pretty much every class on the timetable not only for myself, but to help others stay motivated. I’ll make friends with new faces because I know what it’s like to be unhappy and lost, and how much easier it was to find your way from the back of the room when pulled by the energy coming from the front of the room.

Less than a year into my 1st year of KERRIE FITNESS membership and I now weigh 65kg. It makes me believe, without a doubt, that when Kerrie says, “I CAN! I WILL!”, whatever you set as your goal can and will be achieved.

‘Till next time, Jaqui <3

A note from Kerrie: Omg Jacqui! I love finding out about these things I had no clue of. You sung with Human Nature, won Miss Philippines-Australia Charity Queen in 2001, not to mention 2nd Dan black belt, swimming and sports champ. You have achieved and succeeded in so very much. It’s just amazing, congratulations!

A huge thank you to Melissa for bringing you to us. She knew all along you’d love it. You’ve grown from the giggle girt (which I loved – anything to get through the workout I say!) into a super hard working athlete.

I can see your transformation, as can your fellow fitness buddies. I feel blessed to have been part of the reason to bring you back your shining light.You’re an absolute treasure. Shining star. Now I can’t wait to see you perform! Thank you for sharing your story x

| Rebecca’s Story |

“I had a Group B Strep but had no idea. It passed onto the twins…”

Today we’d like to share with you Rebecca’s, one of our members, personal fitness story with you all. As of right now, this story was first posted one year ago. Enjoy!

[First posted October 23, 2015]

Hello KF peeps! Thank you for taking time to read about my weightloss/fitness journey.

Well, growing up I was an average size. Maybe a few kilos ‘bigger’than other girls thanks to my Italian blood and big portion sizes. Around 16 I put on a bit of weight and discoverd I had insulin resistance so diet had to be super strict. You can imagine how hard that was for a teen.

By the time I was 19 I was around 65kgs. Comfortable enough to still wear a bikini. At the time I was living in New Zealand and my weight just BLEW up. My heaviest would have been over 80kgs and I was close to wearing a size 16. I’m very short so that is massive for me!

I made a few attempts up until this point to lose weight but motivation lacked every. Single. Time! Fast forward a few years back home in Australia. I got down to 74kgs before I fell pregnant with TWINS. Two little girls. A huge shock but so very exciting.

….but in Nov 2012 at 35 weeks gestation, my babies unexpectedly died and were stillborn a few days later. We named them Arlo and Evie. They were so beautiful. I will never get over losing them. It has forever changed me. I had Group B Strep but had no idea. It passed onto the twins and they literally died overnight.

I got pregnant 6 months later with our little rainbow girl, Freyja Delilah, who was born in Feb 2014 🙂 After her birth I weighed 77kgs and stayed that weight until Jan 2015. The time to get fit just felt right, so I started making small changes and working out at home.

I was needing an extra push though so reached out to friends on FB… which lead me to Kerrie Fitness! All I can say is WOW. My body has changed soo much since coming to KF. I started a new eating plan 6 weeks ago and I feel like I FINALLY have this!

I am so excited to have a super fit body and be the example I need to be in order for my daughter to NEVER experience the struggles I did. Being told “You are so pretty… if only you lost some weight,” a million times is not a nice feeling. But only we can change it when we are ready, not just because someone else is telling us to. Having the support of Kerrie and Trev is awesome! I’ve since got 3 friends to sign up and a few more are interested!

I’m currently 68kgs and a size 12. My goal is another 10-12 kgs then we will see where I go from there! I want to be super toned!!! Bring on those muscles, baby!

Thanks Kerrie and Trev, you are both so good at what you do and make it easy to WANT to come to class. Xoxo

‘Till next time, Rebecca <3

A note from Kerrie: Such a beautiful and touching story Rebecca. So sorry you had to go through unthinkable pain. Thanks so much for sharing with us all. You’re doing so well. Love having you a part of KF. Thanks for spreading the word too and bringing your friends. You’re amazing. Kerrie xx

| Angel’s Story |

“Seeing my body start to shed the weight and look more toned really excited me.”

Today we’d like to share with you Angel’s, one of our members, personal fitness story with you all. As of right now, this story was first posted one year ago. Enjoy!

[First posted October 16, 2015]

My health story isn’t as exciting as many others as I’m only 12 years old, but my journey to the better me all started when I use to go to the gym with my mum and sister.

I’d sit upstairs and wait till my mums class was finished then tell her how funny she looked trying to keep up with the classes. Then at the start of 2015 my mum said that she was signing me up and I had to start exercising with her.

I never lacked confidence but seeing my body start to shed the weight and look more toned really excited me. I’m so glad I joined KERRIE FITNESS and I do know now it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was from the kids room.

I can’t wait to continue this fitness ride with Kerrie and my mum exercising beside me.

‘Till next time, thanks, Angel <3

A note from Kerrie: We absolutely love having you in classes Angel. You are a beautiful, bright girl with the most amazing smile. I am beyond happy for you that you are feeling your best. Keep up the great work, and thank you so much for sharing your story with us all. Kerrie xx

| Tam’s Story |

“They didn’t focus on where I had come from, but where I was going.”

Today we’d like to share with you Tam’s, one of our members, personal fitness story with you all. As of right now, this story was first posted two years ago. Enjoy!

[First posted July 18, 2014]

My fitness journey began in August 2013 when I realised my weight had flown past 75kgs and I’d run out of excuses. For a long time I thought I looked okay, not fully accepting how far I’d let myself go. I’d see pictures of myself that I wasn’t happy with and decided looking okay wasn’t good enough. No amount of makeup or clothes could cover how disappointed I was in myself.

Clothes didn’t fit. I’d get puffed at the smallest tasks. I’d become grumpy all the time and I’d quit anything I tried. It was my life, my bad habits, my disappointment, and I wanted the old me back. So I decided to take control and change my life for ever. I changed jobs which eliminated all the stress and negativity in my life, and took time to focus on me.

With the support of my fiancé and my best friend backing me all the way, I weighed in, measured up, had a cry and got started on what has been the most mentally and physically rewarding experience of my life so far.

I started off watching my food but I knew I needed to get moving and cut the crap, expecting results from doing nothing was putting me back where I had got myself.

That’s when I was introduced to KERRIE FITNESS. I meekly went along on my first night not sure of what to expect and came home so chuffed with myself that I’d actually finished something. I immediately felt safe when I got to the studio and knew I was in a fun, encouraging place with no judgement. They didn’t focus on where I had come from, but where I was going. They knew I could do it even though I didn’t know it myself.

I was surprised at how unfit I was, but over time my strength and stability has improved and I push myself harder every class. My time at KERRIE FITNESS has made me learn to love pain and sweat and that excuses don’t get results.

I’ve taken control of my life and can happily say I’ve lost 10kgs so far! My goal weight is 5kgs away, and I know I can get there because there’s no turning back.

I’ve got rid of excess weight (I won’t say lost because I don’t want to find it again!). I got rid of ankle and back problems. My hair and nails are stronger. My skin has cleared up, and I feel sexy again. I’ve learnt to love my body, and I’m proud of it for putting up with what it’s gone through.

Without the support and commitment of Kerrie and Trevor I don’t think I could have gotten this far on my own. Every step of the way they’ve encouraged me, and laughed with me when I’ve needed it the most.

So thank you KERRIE FITNESS, you’ve motivated me more than I could have expected.

‘Till next time, Tam <3