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| About Kerrie Fitness |

Kerrie Fitness established on Saturday July 6, 2013. Online videos available for Kerrie Core, KHIIT (Kerrie High Intensity Interval Training) – we have Aerobics KHIIT, Martial Arts KHIIT, Weighted KHIIT and Bench KHIIT. Kerrie has been training clients in the fitness since 2003.

| Fitness |

Fitting Fitness into your life and getting results is easy with consistency and the right motivation.  KERRIE FITNESS will help you with this, Kerrie has that drive and personality that draws you in and before you know it you are doing things you haven’t done in years or have never done!

| Fun |

Kerrie, the creator of Kerrie Core, Bench KHIIT, Weighted KHIIT, Aerobics KHIIT and Martial Arts KHIIT constantly updates both her music and the choreography of each of her programs.  No two weeks are the same, which keeps your workouts fun and fresh.

| The Instructor |

Kerrie Mewett is the Program Creator of Kerrie Core, Bench KHIIT, Weighted KHIIT, Aerobics KHIIT and Martial Arts KHIIT and has been a Group Fitness Instructor since 2003.  Kerrie has now released her very own world wide digital exercise programs.  Visit the store for your very own workout video #kezfit® is here!

In 2020 Kerrie was accredited for Personal Fitness Training and has a FITREC rating of 300, which places her as a Worldwide Industry Leader in the Fitness Industry as it is the highest rating that can be achieved.  Kerrie trains clients at her private studio in Wilton, NSW.

Everyone has a fitness story. Here’s Kerrie’s and Trevor’s.

| Awards and Certifications |

Kerrie Mewett is a two-time winner of the Les Mills Australia Asia Pacific Instructor of the Year Award for 2008 and 2014.  Kerrie’s studio KERRIE FITNESS has also won the 2018 “Most outstanding Fitness Services” award in the Local Business Awards.

“Les Mills Asia Pacific  Instructor of the Year  Kerrie Mewett  2008”
“Les Mills Asia Pacific Awards 2014 Kerrie Mewett Instructor of the Year”

Kerrie Fitness is proud to be a finalist for the Campbelltown Local Business Awards in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 for outstanding Fitness Services.  Kerrie Fitness also won 2018 “Most Outstanding Fitness Services”



Winner 2018

Certified and Licensed in:

  • Les Mills BodyStep®
  • Les Mills BodyAttack®
  • Les Mills BodyCombat®
  • Les Mills BodyPump®
  • Zumba® Basic Level 1 and 2
  • Group Exercise Freestyle: Level Two Professional
  • FITREC Registered Professional Trainer 300/300

Creator and Choreographer of:

  • Bench KHIIT
  • Weighted KHIIT
  • Aerobics KHIIT
  • Martial Arts KHIIT
  • Kerrie Core
  • #kezfit®