Strawberry & Cream Sponge Cake


So not quite a healthy food-spiration! But there are times when you want to celebrate special occasions with the real deal!! Yummm πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

6 eggs
1 cup of caster sugar
1 cup of cornflour
1 teaspoons of bicarb soda
2 teaspoons of cream of tartar
2 tablespoons of plain flour

What to Do

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celcius.

Beat eggs and sugar together for 10 minutes.

Sift cornflour, bicarb soda, cream of tartar and plain flour 3 times.

Gently fold sifted ingredients into the egg and sugar mix.

Grease 3 sponge tins with olive oil spray and line the bottoms.

Bake each for 10 minutes.

White Chocolate Ganache:

125ml cream
1 block white chocolate

What to Do

In microwave, stirring every 15-30 secs until melted (be careful not to burn it). Cover and let set in fridge.



475ml cream
2 teaspoons caster sugar

What to Do

Whip in bowl with beater until peaks form.


Putting it together and decorating:

Wash 2 punnets of strawberries and dry on paper towel (there were around 6 strawberries leftover).

Layer the first sponge with whipped cream and cut strawberries.

Layer second sponge on top and repeat

Layer third sponge, and spread remainder of whipped cream around the edges.

Pour white chocolate ganache on top of cake.



Decorate with 3 strawberriesΒ – slice into them several times to fan the strawberriesΒ πŸ“

Since we made the sponge cake for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary, we also put their original wedding topper on the top of the cake to decorate!

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