KERRIE FITNESS -Wine, Cheese, Carolina Reaper – And a lesson learned.

When presented with some Carolina Reaper Peppers I thought to myself “What to do…what to do…hmmmmm” I know I’ll make a Dip for Wine night! What could possibly go wrong?

First let me tell you what I was dealing with!

These tiny little peppers rated at 2,200,000 scoville units (hotness unit of measure).

In comparison 

Is rated at 5,000 scoville units.

Nothing could go wrong right.

Ingredients I used.  There is no recipe for the use of Carolina Reaper Peppers, the only advice I give is use no more than one pepper per approximately 500-700ml of finished Dip.

Pick a jam, dip or sauce recipe that you like which normally uses a pepper and simply swap.


With red wine, simply delicious.

Now to what you have been waiting for. Use gloves whilst chopping up these peppers, disposable are fine, and a good idea.

I didn’t use gloves but thoroughly washed my hands after cooking.  After a few wines I went to the toilet, washed my hands like a good boy but couldn’t shake the increasing burning sensation. It was only then that I realised that I had transferred 2.2 million scoville units to…. well….me.

I slept very uncomfortably with a cold towel that night, and bought disposable gloves the next day.

Lesson learned.


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