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“I was so paranoid this time because to go into a gym again after so many years and have so many people see me at my heaviest again, was quite overwhelming… It’s all about competing with yourself.”

Trey – My Kerrie Fitness story
“My struggles with weight started after I had my first born. I was always having food pushed at me to eat, especially because I was breastfeeding. The family around us always said it’s good to eat up so that the child will have enough food. So I would eat practically everything that my husband would eat and what the families would have. Even if I wasn’t hungry, I would force myself to eat it, then end up feeling sick. This is the dangers of being Pacific Islander. Food plays a massive role in who we are as people and as a family. Everything we do is always surrounded by food.

If only I knew then what I know now, it probably would have saved me a lot of excessive weight I managed to pile on over the years. Unfortunately a few years after I had my daughter and she was off to primary school, my eating habbits didn’t slow down at all. After a few years from when I got married I had managed to pack on 50kgs. That’s the weight of a whole person! It wasn’t until I started getting chest pains and had to go get checked up that I realised my weight gain was causing me severe chest pains. If I didn’t sort something out I could have fallen into serious health issues, as heart problems run pretty strong in the family. This terrified me terribly and so began the battle of constant yoyo weight gain and loss. I would get to a point where I would lose 40kgs then after a few years it would have found me again. Then I would start the weight loss battle all over again.

This is until I was told by my sister in law who was going to Fitness First in Bankstown that the instructor there is fantastic and a freak. She would always talk to me about Kerrie Mewett-Fitness because my family had just moved back to Sydney from remote South Australia. Where there was no gym and a lot of dust. My form of exercising was walking the dusty roads and hoping not to see a snake (that’s how remote we were!) So when we moved back to Sydney I got back on to my 500th attempt of exercising and losing weight mission.

I was so paranoid this time because to go into a gym again after so many years and have so many people see me at my heaviest again, was quite overwhelming. Then my sister in law one day said ‘Hey the instructor at my gym has a gym at Campbelltown. You really should check her out because she is just so good’. Then driving home one afternoon on Badgally Road. I saw the Kerrie Fitness sign. I was so excited. This was it. This is the gym my sister was talking about. In my head I thought it’s a sign. Just do it.

So in November 2014 I rocked up to Kerrie Fitness alone and was so nervous and scared. I didn’t want to be judged and looked at by all these fit people. I walked in and was approached by a terminator version of Barbie. All I kept thinking was OMG. This woman is ripped. I can’t even stay here. This is absolutely ridiculous to think I could join this machine’s gym but to my surprise she was so welcoming and down to earth. I couldn’t believe how at ease Kerrie made me feel. Considering I was feeling so frumpy and she was so fit. It somehow left my mind instantly that I continued going alone and felt confident to work on being a better me.

I haven’t looked back and although I always still have my moments of eating more than I should or skipping classes when I shouldn’t. I have never ever thought to just give up and not bother. Which has always been my usual behaviour with previous gyms I’ve been to. Kerrie makes you feel part of her KF family and like most families, you’re in each other’s lives forever. I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am for the lifestyle changes Kerrie has helped me achieve and want to maintain.

This is definately the place to be if you want results and that extra push. It’s not about the person next to you. It’s about competing with youself and Kerrie always ensures that everyone has that group energy where there is no competition or cliquey feeling going on. Since joining Kerrie Fitness I started at 117.8kgs and I’ve managed to shred down to 84kgs. Right now I tend to fluctuate up and down an extra 5kgs but when I know I need to get it together I manage to work it back off the correct way. I now don’t wait till I’ve packed on 40kgs and then try again years later.

Since joining Kerrie Fitness I instantly have the urge to get it together when I’ve had too much fun with all the wrong foods or just binging and being unhealthy. Now I’ve managed to have a few family members join as well as my eldest daughter, and it’s the best thing ever to see us all interact and bond over being healthy other than being unhealthy.

Here’s to the next forever with Kerrie Fitness and continuing the journey of me being the better me.”

Omgg Trey, you story made me smile, made me relate, made me well up with tears and made me burst out laughing ‘approached by a terminator version of Barbie’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ Your story is so real and will be felt by so many others. Food truly is how a lot of families share their time together. How awesome that now fitness is your families joy together. Thank you for being brave and sharing your story with us all. You are a true inspiration to your own family as well as others. Watching you go flat out in class makes me so happy and super proud of you. Your fitness and strength is just amazing. I will be forever grateful to Blags for sending you my way. Mwah 😘 love you and your fam. Kerrie πŸ’—πŸ’šπŸ’—πŸ’š

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