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“When you think you’re at your maximum limit and about to pass out, Kerrie and Trevor push you to a strength you never knew you had.”

Bianca – My Kerrie Fitness story
“I began my journey with Kerrie Fitness in February 2015. Growing up, I have never been an athletic person, however I did attended gyms which consisted of the treadmill and light weights (making up my own regime).

After I had my 3rd child I was at my heaviest, being 64 kilo’s. So, once again went back to my gym and ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes, thinking this is what I needed to do to drop the kilo’s fast. I was so desperate to lose the baby weight that I drank meal replacement shakes daily and very little for dinner. Although I did lose weight, my family would casually mention the rapid weight loss made me look ill and not the healthy fit person i was trying to achieve. My husband kept badgering me to try a group fitness class as it would give me the push I needed, but of course I thought I was smarter than him and ignored all the advice he gave (as you do, hahaha).

A few months later my friend told me about Kerrie Fitness and how great the classes were. That she pushes you to your maximum limit and you leave each and every class completely satisfied. Not to mention Kerrie’s gorgeous body was to die for and an inspiration to all 😉.

So I googled Kerrie Fitness, made a call and she was the most helpful and friendly person over the phone. Best part which won me over was the child care facility. Most gyms I was a member of have a limit of how many hours you can bring your children per day, as well as an age limit, which completely put me off. So I decided to give Kerrie a go, and brought my children with me.

My first class was BodyCombat. I couldn’t believe how all the members were motivated and it looked like everyone had so much energy. When you think you’re at your maximum limit and about to pass out, Kerrie and Trevor push you to a strength you never knew you had. From then on I was hooked! I can pretty much say “You are now my second home “. Thanks to Kerrie’s food inspirations I eat a balanced diet and no more meal replacements. But of course I still loovvveè my weekends of indulging too 😉 (It’s all about a balanced lifestyle I guess).

I attend as many classes as I can, the kids love it, meeting and playing with their new friends, it’s local and I walk out of the gym feeling pumped, satisfied and even better. It is such a great atmosphere to be around. I’ve now dropped to pre baby weight, and can now squat and lift more weight than ever before.

Without Kerrie and Trevor there is no way I could have reached where I am today. So thank you for all the hard work, the push you give us, not to mention learning all the new releases within 24 hours of it being released, just so all the members can be the first to experience it.”

Mwah 😘 that is gorgeous Bianca, thank you so much for sharing your story with us all. I have absolutely adored watching you grow stronger and fitter week by week. You inspire others. Your bubbly and positive personality makes you a treasure to be around. Love having you and your gorgeous family a part of our fit fam. Kerrie 💗💚💗💚

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