| Peanut Butter & Chocolate Ice-Cream |

If you are anything like me, you crave all the yummy foods that contain way too much sugar and sodium that you know are just not good for you on a daily/weekly basis.

I love finding recipes that use natural, healthy ingredients where you still feel like you are indulging, and can do so guilt free.

Put simply, who wants to spend hours working out only to counter-act your efforts. Why not have the best of both worlds, work out and simply swap out highly processed foods for that of a more natural kind. Make your own snacks/desserts/cookies and indulge daily. Still whilst getting/keeping your results you train so hard for.

Bon appetite KF peeps. Goodbye Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and hello to…

Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream

| Ingredients |

2 bananas
1/4 cup natural crunchy peanut butter
2 Tablespoons & 2 teaspoons super cacao powder

| What To Do |

Simply blend until smooth then pour into dish, cover and freeze.

I managed to get 5 servings from this small amount. Feel free to double/triple the ingredients if you are making for the whole family and want to last a few sittings.

‘Till next time <3 🙂

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