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“I stopped exercising altogether saying that it was an unnecessary expense and I was too busy.”

Today we’d like to share with you Trevor’s personal fitness story with you all. As of right now, this story was first posted (exactly!) two years ago. Enjoy!

[First posted July 4, 2014]

My story started in my dad’s garage. He had a set of old weights, a squat rack, and a bench. I still have his dumbells. I would work out as a sixteen year old on these, not really knowing what I was doing, just copying what I saw him do. I played a lot of sport so I never worried about cardio training.

Fast forward ten years and I met my future wife Kerrie. Pretty sure you all know her!

I still wasn’t interested in cardio training, and to make things worse I had taken up smoking, now weighing 110kg.

In my eyes I looked a big unit. Looking back at photos I can safely say I was on a fast track to a heart attack, and with my father having blood pressure problems it was probably a certainty.

I remember the day I stopped smoking as clear as yesterday. I was sitting on the back step of the garage and a very pregnant Kerrie walked out to hang some washing on the line. I thought it’s only a couple of weeks and I will be a Dad. My next thought looking at the cigarette in my hand was… I don’t want my daughter to ever see me smoke. I stood up, butted out the cigarette, picked up the packet, the lighter and threw them all in the bin. That was over thirteen years ago and I have never smoked a puff since.

I started to get more involved in work and would occasionally go to gym with Kerrie. When Healthland was sold to Fitness First I stopped exercising altogether saying that it was an unnecessary expense and I was too busy.

My weight stayed around 110-115kg, more good luck than good management. Kerrie came to me and told me she was having heaps of fun at the gym and I should join her. I signed up to Fitness First Campbelltown.

I worked out with weights on the gym floor with Kerrie on the days that I went. Although, she seemed much more interested in the classes than me and what I was trying to get her to do, so I said, “Why don’t you become an instructor? If you do I’ll come and do your classes.”

Well about a year after I said that my son was born and Kerrie was an instructor. Being a man of my word I went and stood down the back of the class and did my first group fitness class instructed by my wife. I am also a faithful old dog, in over ten years I have never done anyone else’s class unless my wife was next to me!!

As Kerrie’s popularity grew I said to her one day, “If you want, I’ll build you your own studio, and I’ll go and become an instructor for you.”

Well again those words came back to haunt me. I really need to keep my mouth shut!!!

I currently work at a mine site as a project manager, and I was a policeman before that, so I never thought I would start a third career – as a group fitness instructor and studio owner!!

Having said that, I am now 45 and the fittest I have ever been, the strongest I have ever been, and the happiest I can remember!!

To be in a room with like minded people; nothing beats the group fitness atmosphere. It truly is a wonderful experience.

It just goes to show it’s never too late to make good choices. Oh and I’m 25 kilos lighter too!!

‘Till next time, Trevor 🙂

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