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“I had a Group B Strep but had no idea. It passed onto the twins…”

Today we’d like to share with you Rebecca’s, one of our members, personal fitness story with you all. As of right now, this story was first posted one year ago. Enjoy!

[First posted October 23, 2015]

Hello KF peeps! Thank you for taking time to read about my weightloss/fitness journey.

Well, growing up I was an average size. Maybe a few kilos ‘bigger’than other girls thanks to my Italian blood and big portion sizes. Around 16 I put on a bit of weight and discoverd I had insulin resistance so diet had to be super strict. You can imagine how hard that was for a teen.

By the time I was 19 I was around 65kgs. Comfortable enough to still wear a bikini. At the time I was living in New Zealand and my weight just BLEW up. My heaviest would have been over 80kgs and I was close to wearing a size 16. I’m very short so that is massive for me!

I made a few attempts up until this point to lose weight but motivation lacked every. Single. Time! Fast forward a few years back home in Australia. I got down to 74kgs before I fell pregnant with TWINS. Two little girls. A huge shock but so very exciting.

….but in Nov 2012 at 35 weeks gestation, my babies unexpectedly died and were stillborn a few days later. We named them Arlo and Evie. They were so beautiful. I will never get over losing them. It has forever changed me. I had Group B Strep but had no idea. It passed onto the twins and they literally died overnight.

I got pregnant 6 months later with our little rainbow girl, Freyja Delilah, who was born in Feb 2014 🙂 After her birth I weighed 77kgs and stayed that weight until Jan 2015. The time to get fit just felt right, so I started making small changes and working out at home.

I was needing an extra push though so reached out to friends on FB… which lead me to Kerrie Fitness! All I can say is WOW. My body has changed soo much since coming to KF. I started a new eating plan 6 weeks ago and I feel like I FINALLY have this!

I am so excited to have a super fit body and be the example I need to be in order for my daughter to NEVER experience the struggles I did. Being told “You are so pretty… if only you lost some weight,” a million times is not a nice feeling. But only we can change it when we are ready, not just because someone else is telling us to. Having the support of Kerrie and Trev is awesome! I’ve since got 3 friends to sign up and a few more are interested!

I’m currently 68kgs and a size 12. My goal is another 10-12 kgs then we will see where I go from there! I want to be super toned!!! Bring on those muscles, baby!

Thanks Kerrie and Trev, you are both so good at what you do and make it easy to WANT to come to class. Xoxo

‘Till next time, Rebecca <3

A note from Kerrie: Such a beautiful and touching story Rebecca. So sorry you had to go through unthinkable pain. Thanks so much for sharing with us all. You’re doing so well. Love having you a part of KF. Thanks for spreading the word too and bringing your friends. You’re amazing. Kerrie xx

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