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“After 3 months in hospital, I was able to take my little boy home.”

Today we’d like to share with you Kim’s, one of our members, personal fitness story with you all. As of right now, this story was first posted two years ago. Enjoy!

[First posted August 29, 2014]

As a child and as a teenager, I always battled with my weight and my fitness. I always was the one tagging on behind the end of the group, as I would come in last in a race and the one who would complain because I had to take part in PE or sport lessons.

As an adult I joined and re-joined gyms but was never completely satisfied with what gyms had to offer. As I graduated from University, I was working as a Welfare worker, a profession that was quite stressful, quite often resulting in emotional eating rather than burning my stress with exercise.

When I got married, my husband encouraged me to exercise, my weight continued to move up and down the scale. As I changed professions and moved into teaching, I loved working with students with autism but I continued to manage my stress through emotional eating but did try to exercise a lot more.

In 2007, I gave birth to my son James at 26 weeks via C-section. I suffered from pre-clamsia, a condition that occurs due to high blood pressure. My organs were about to shut down and the only solution was to deliver early. My son nearly died every 5 minutes and was kept alive via a C-PAP machine. Unfortunately, my health took a turn for the worse and I was taken back to ICU as my blood pressure continued to sky rocket.

My husband was told to prepare for the worse. I soon recovered but my son James continued to struggle for his life, battling a hole in the lung, a number of infections and two blood transfusions. After 3 months in hospital, I was able to take my little boy home. For the next 4 – 5 years I was on high levels of blood pressure medication and continued to battle stress as I worked fulltime and managed my little boy who was always sick and in and out of hospital, seeing doctors and specialists. Time was precious and could never find time in my day to exercise, by night time I was emotionally and physically exhausted.

As my son entered school, the journey continued as James was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder; it was also recommended that he repeat Kindergarten. This also meant more visits to specialists and more time spent at home for early intervention.

At this point I was not happy with where I was at with my health and my weight. I heard about KERRIE FITNESS through my husband and decided to give it a go. Up until this point, I found walking on a treadmill very un-motivating and detested and avoided going to gym because it was a chore rather than something I enjoyed doing.

I was nervous walking through the door for the first time but Kerrie and Trevor were so welcoming and other gym patrons were so friendly and nice. BODYCOMBAT™ and BODYATTACK™ became part of my routine and after a while I became addicted. I was addicted to exercise for the first time in my life. I love the atmosphere, the encouragement of Kerrie and Trevor and the support of other members in the group. I have also incorporated BODYPUMP™ into my routine, which I love.

In January 2014 I officially became a member of KERRIE FITNESS. Due to changes in diet and exercise, I have now lost a total of 14 Kg. Thanks to KERRIE FITNESS, my blood pressure is now under control and I am now only on a small dose of medication. Whoop Whoop! I feel so much fitter and have more energy than I have ever had in my life.

‘Till next time, Kim <3

A note from Kerrie: Kim you have an absolutely amazing strength. All you have been through, the fight you’ve given, all with a smile and come out stronger than ever. So very happy you listened to your hubby Damian and came to join the KF crew. We’re so lucky to have you and James x

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