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“My healthy ways went out the window from then.”

Today we’d like to share with you David’s, one of our members, personal fitness story with you all. As of right now, this story was first posted one year ago. Enjoy!

[First posted April 23, 2015]

My whole life I was always destined to follow my fathers footsteps from rugby league to top grade cricket, it had to be something to do with sport.

Right up until the age of 20 I had never been a “normal kid”. I was pushed by my coach, my best friend, my mentor, my rock, my dad. The mental strength from training early hours of the morning to school during the day and back to training in the afternoons. It was either league or cricket. The only rest and breaks I had were from injuries. It had been draining and took its toll.

There were huge plans in taking my sport into a profession, but one morning I decided to put it all aside, to grow up and go to work. I know I had disappointed a lot of people, but I just wanted to be on my own path. I took to the work force to be close to my 3 brothers who have always been in support of my choices and there with me my whole life.

Things were steady right up until I was 24. I received a call from my mother in relation to my fathers health and not long after he passed. At the same time I split with my fiancé.

My healthy ways went out the window from then, with drinking, smoking and partying, to just being reckless. It wasn’t until I was charged for drink driving that I realised I really needed to wake up. It was at this time I met the love of my life buying a suit for my court case of mid range DUI.

From the age of 25 it all went so quickly. From purchasing a house, to two beautiful kids and a loving partner that kept me in line. There was no real time to keep fit and my weight escalated to 90kg. During this time my current fiancé, Jersay, as everyone refers to her, was on her fitness journey with KERRIE FITNESS and I was the afternoon baby sitter. Jacq trained in the studio with Trev and Kerrie. I would continuously watch her walk through the front door of our house happy and relieved.

For many months Jacq would ask me to try it out and join “GROUP FITNESS”. I tried and couldn’t get as into it as she was, so I then tried creating my own gym. When I had time I would attempt to regain my health on my terms. Jacqui was so persistent on training with me. With her huge results from 100kg to 65kg in a matter of a year, I was so proud but at the same time jealous, so I snapped and decided to give this KERRIE FITNESS a year to get me fit for my family.

I signed in October 2015 weighing in at 89.5kg. I was unfocused and what I deemed out of touch, from a bad diet to even living an unhealthy lifestyle. From that day in October I was to quit smoking, drinking and live healthy. Seven months on, with a four week break and I feel the results I have achieved. Not only by now being 80kg, but also being faster, stronger, and generally feeling good about myself. I have found my Zen with KERRIE FITNESS and have to thank my beautiful partner in crime Jersay in getting me in there!

KERRIE FITNESS is my escape from all the modern day stresses and is a vital key to my success in general living. It is an awesome place to work out and just have fun with LES MILLS™ fitness training. From super friendly members and unbelievable energy, the programs and music have so much to offer with this style of training. I highly recommend for anyone for any reason.

Every single class I walk out relieved and driven for more. Thank you Kerrie and also a very special thank you to Trev for providing me a place to achieve my health and fitness goals. You have also given me understanding of the importance of being a good person with your kindness and motivation I am proud to be a member of KERRIE FITNESS. Whoop whoop!!

‘Till next time, David 🙂

A note from Kerrie: Thanks for sharing David, being so open and honest. Fantastic results you’ve received with your dedication and consistency 🙂

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