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“My diet was atrocious and consisted of plenty of fatty fast food, snacks, and soft drinks.”

Today we’d like to share with you Ben’s, one of our members, personal fitness story with you all. As of right now, this story was first posted one year ago. Enjoy!

[First posted June 5, 2015]

I was never a very active person. Through high school I was more likely to be found in the library than on the sporting field, although I did play and enjoy tennis and indoor cricket through those years. I had a pretty straightforward upbringing with no real life-changing events until I was 19 when I met Brodie.

Within 15 months of meeting we had moved in together, married and had our son. Slowly but surely I grew too comfortable with life and the 9-5 grind. The weight started to creep on.

Fast forward to March 2014 with our son being 7 and our daughter 4 and I hit my heaviest, coming in at just over 90kg. My diet was atrocious and consisted of plenty of fatty fast food, snacks (I could easily eat a whole large bag of potato chips in one sitting) and soft drinks, not to mention a fair amount of alcohol.

Then in August 2014 I started seeing a change in Brodie who had been going to KERRIE FITNESS for a couple of weeks. She was more energetic, she was full life and started to look better than ever (a big call I know). She asked me for weeks to come along and join her and I kept putting it off, then I finally bit the bullet and did a Saturday morning BODYCOMBAT™ class in September. My first real exercise session in over ten years.

I remember with great clarity that half way through BODYCOMBAT™ I had to walk out and sit in the dirt behind the studio, trying to decide if it was easier to throw up or pass out. Thankfully I did neither and instead went back in to finish the class which was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The following Thursday was my first BODYPUMP™ class (which I also remember vividly as the next day was the October long weekend that we spent hiking through Wombeyan Caves… quad overload!!) and from there I became hooked.

In the 7 months that I’ve been at KERRIE FITNESS, I have lost close to 13kg and have noticed a definite change in my body shape (I have biceps now, woo hoo!!). On top of the exercise my diet has also improved (not only smaller portions but the right kinds of foods). I have made plenty of good friends through the studio and without the positive atmosphere I would not have achieved the results I have, thank you to everyone.

‘Till next time, Ben 🙂

A note from Kerrie: Ben, what an awesome read. Thank you for sharing with us all. A healthy life change keeping you younger and fitter than before. Congrats on your weight loss and finding your biceps, love it!! Keep up the great work. Kerrie 🙂

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